Results Verification:

Why Some Checkmarks are Different Colors?

New for the 2014-2015 and future seasons:

Speechranks Will Identify Verified Checkmarks in Green

Unverified Results will display Grey Checkmarks

How are results verified?

  • Results uploaded to Speechranks by tournament administrators are considered verified.
  • Student-reported results that are validated by tournament administrators confirming a student’s place of finish and the number of students/teams that actually competed (not registered or confirmed, but actually competed) in an event will be considered verified. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see how student entered results may be verified.
  • Students may still self-report results with the current mutual accountability process and those results will continue to be displayed, but the checkmarks will be grey unless the students gets the results verified.

Why the change?

  • The National Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate Rankings (Speechranks) have become more popular than anyone could have possibly imagined.
  • Heading in to the 2014-15 season, results from about 700 tournaments have been posted and the site has enjoyed over 3.5 million page views!

With the amount of activity the website is recording it is obvious to the Speechranks Administrative Team that the website is increasingly important in the world of Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate and beyond.

  • Truth - Speechranks desires the results posted to this website to be true. Truth is one of the attributes of God.
  • Not only is Speechranks important to students, it is valuable to parents, tournament administrators and to undergraduate institutions.
  • Tournament administrators are making invitation decisions based on Speechranks results.
  • Colleges and universities are using the information on Speechranks to assist them in admission decisions and in determining how educational grants and scholarships will be distributed.
  • The Administrative team realizes that results on Speechranks can literally mean the difference in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the lives of students and their families.

Because of the growing importance of Speechranks nationwide, the administrative team recognizes the increasing need for the information hosted on Speechranks to be as accurate as possible.

  • The Speechranks Team appreciates the honesty and integrity with which students have posted information to the site.
  • However, even with mutual accountability, it cannot be represented that student-loaded information is as accurate as information uploaded by tournament officials or validated results.

An examples of why verified results are important:

  • Since points and checkmarks for speech results are based on the number of students actually competing in an event, that number is crucial for verified results.
  • Students self-reporting tournaments usually just count the number of students on the postings, but that number may not be the number that actually competed.
    • E.g. both a Tournament Admin-reported and a non-validated student-reported tournament had 40 students registered for a speech event. In both tournaments two students did not end up competing (for whatever reason) but were listed on the postings.
      • The Tournament Admin-reported tournament would list 38 students on Speechranks and the non-validated student-reported tournament would probably list 40 (because that is what the student counted) even though both tournaments only had 38 students competing.
      • The non-validated student-reported tournament would display checkmarks down to 16th place, but the Tournament Admin-reported tournament would only have checkmarks down to 15th place.
      • First place in the non-validated student-reported tournament would earn 40 points (even though only 38 students competed) and first place at the Tournament Admin-reported tournament would earn 38 points. All the other point totals would be similarly impacted.
    • Debate points are also based on number of competitors and have the same problem as demonstrated for speech.
    • Debate checkmarks continue to be determined based on record.

The potential inequity between Tournament Admin-reported and non-validated student-reported results is obvious.

  • Consequently the need to display verified results with a distinct color.

Speechranks encourages all students to continue their active participation on the most popular Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate website.

*Verifying Student-Entered Results**

The student should create a Flag on the results they want verified.

  • The best method is for a tournament administrator (the Tournament or Tab director) to send verification to Speechranks about the student's results and number of students/teams that actually competed in an event (not students/teams registered or confirmed, but actually competed in the event.)
  • The next best method is for the student to send confirmation from a tournament administrator (the Tournament or Tab director) indicating their place of finish, prelim and outround record for debate, and the number of students/teams that actually competed in an event (not students/teams registered or confirmed, but actually competed in the event.)
    • The student should copy the tournament administrator on the email so that the tournament administrator is able to confirm the legitimacy of the information. This also provides Speechranks with the email of the tournament administrator thus encouraging transparency.

Most students do the following:

  • If results are posted online - please provide a copy of that information or a link.
    • Confirming the number of students/teams participating will still be required.
  • Take a photograph of the postings for the last preliminary round of the event - not the first round, but the final preliminary round - count the number of students/teams.
  • Then take photographs of each of the outrounds in which the student participates - count the number of students/teams.
    • If any student already displays a Green Check Mark for a particular event it means Speechranks has already confirmed the number of students in that event. The information does not need to be provided again.
  • For debate take photographs of the ballots showing wins and losses.
  • Provide the link to the official tournament results.
  • If no online verification is available, take photographs of official certificates, medals, trophies indicating the student placing at the tournament.
  • Email the photographs to
    • Please attach the photographs to the email. Please DO NOT provide a link to photo storing websites as this makes it too difficult for Speechranks Admins to perform the necessary verification work.

Also it is very helpful if you label the photos with the specific information which they contain. e.g. Extemp 3A, or TP Round 6, or TP Ballot Round 1, TP Ballot Round 2, etc...

We have to go through thousands of pictures, so this is a great timesaver for Speechranks admins. A minimum of extra time spent prepping the photos saves us hours of work.
Thank you for your help.

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